Our oceans and seas are a rich source for print inspiration. They are an all encompassing sensory experience. The atmosphere, colour and diversity provide boundless opportunities for design exploration

Into the blue on a hot afternoon as the sun begins to set over the water, cool waves lapping slowly at your elbows, your feet fall below and you immerse in silence. What a blessing it is to know this sensation.

Night Swim by Katie Makes a Dress
Underwater Sea by Rachael King
Ocean Dreaming by Ally Bryan
Mermaid Music by Cecilia Mok
Lost at Sea by Ellie Whittaker

Salty air, seagulls swirling above, hot sun with a cool breeze, rich smells floating past your nose and the sound of waves crashing.

Vintage Surf Babes by Ellie Whittaker
My Summer Vacay Sunsets by Booboo Collective
Beneath the Sea by Ally Bryan
Ahoy by Mel Armstrong
All the Fish in the Sea by Booboo Collective