Sustainable Decorating – for extra WOW

Sustainable Decorating your house this Christmas with these great sustainable projects.

Printed Christmas Trees

Print the Christmas tree and save yourself the hassle of the watering, decorating and not to mention storing. Once the festive season has wound up, roll up the print ready for next year.

Sustainable Decorating with a printed reusable Christmas tree hanging on the wall

Fabric Garlands

Create a fabric garland using remnants of fabrics you have from previous projects. You can work with colour coordinating the remnants for the Christmas vibe you are after or use white for a neutral look. Consider creating a garland that can be used for celebrations throughout the year.

A garland made of scrap fabric is hanging on the wall
Custom printed table cloth and napkins are set on a Christmas dinner table

Subtle Festivity

Create a festive and warming table settings that plays on colours and shapes that work well for Christmas, yet also translate to a mid winter dinner party. Make it Green without using common Christmas themes. The way you style a colour and texture can present the Christmas feel, yet when the elements are individualised they can be used time and time again. It’s a great way to utilise festive décor without screaming Christmas.


Furoshiki is the traditional cloth and method of wrapping used in Japan for carrying and presenting gifts. This one we love, it’s almost like giving two gifts especially to your sewing friends. Wrap your presents in fabric, extra points if you designed it yourself! It’s great for using up those bits of scraps that you just love but don’t quite have enough to use for your next project.

A fabric wrapped gift is carefully being prepared

Watch this fun You Tube on how to do Furoshiki

Decorating your home for Christmas is a much celebrated tradition. It brings up memories of smells and colours from our youth when it was the most magical time of the year. Decorations can fast become an heirloom and something that is passed down the generations. I am sure there are many of us out there who have an old decoration from our childhood still in the Christmas box. One of the challenges with Christmas decorations can be storing them and keeping them in a pristine state. It can be a rather disappointing moment to realise you had to quickly fold a flag and bunch everything together to shove it in a box.

We suggest a new tradition that is extremely self satisfying and hopefully a wonderful surprise. The one where your current self helps out the you of next Christmas. Carefully folds and packs, aligns and cleans, untangles and labels all Christmas ornaments. One of the biggest parts of sustainability is using less and using what we have to the full extent of its life, or at least until we can find it a new home as we have had our time. This means looking after what we have now so it will serve us for years to come.