Remnant Box


$35 with shipping included (Australia only) – be sure to select free shipping at check out and we’ll send in parcel post. Cannot be sent to a PO Box.

Our Remnant boxes are a combination of remnants, offcuts, trial fabrics and discontinued textiles.

The contents of the box is natural fibre textiles and weighed in at 2kg which is around 7m of fabric, in cut lengths. The Remnants are the textiles in the unprinted state.

We have sorted through all our remnants and found the very best bits for you.

We find it hard to part with lengths of fabric that are perfectly usable, we have put a lot of heart and soul into our fabrics and every bit counts.

As these remnant pieces are leftover from our print runs, they have had the same treatment as our printed fabrics and are perfect for any textile project like home dying, quilting, mending, embroidering, patchwork, home napery and so many more fun projects.

The lengths and widths will vary due to a number of reasons, some pieces may have been startup fabric, some may have been used to join two rolls together, some may have been near a print fault. We have tried to make sure the lengths are between 20cm to 100cm but you may get lucky and end up with longer lengths.

Some of the pieces you receive may have print marks or head checks on them, and we have included them as the other side is still perfectly useable.

Although printing fabric by the metre does reduce overall wastage, there is some wastage that can’t be avoided. This all produces small amounts of fabric waste in every print run, which is what your bundle is made up from.

Content Example 10 small sections 20 – 40cm, 8 medium sections 40 -60cm, 6 large sections 60 – 80cm, a few longer lengths

Each Remnant Box also contains a printed sewing project and we’ll email you out the instructions!

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Weight 20 g