Swatch Kit


Discover the full range of fabrics available for your printing needs, with the Next State Swatch Kit. This comprehensive kit contains a printed sample of all Natural and Polyester Fabrics within our range, offering a firsthand experience of the diverse textures and finishes we offer.

Our Swatch Kits are designed to provide you with an immersive tactile experience, allowing you to not only see but also feel the unique qualities of each fabric. By examining them as printed samples, you can gauge how your designs will appear on these fabrics, ensuring that you choose the perfect option for your upcoming project.

Whether you’re exploring the softness of natural fabrics or the versatility of polyester blends, our Swatch Kit empowers you to make informed decisions, bringing your creative visions to life with precision and confidence.

Pair this with our Colour Chart to kick start your design journey.

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Weight 20 g