We hope the below answers many of your questions.

If you are not confident in preparing a file for print get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

What size will my artwork print?

Artwork will print at a scale of 1:1 from what it is provided as. We do not change artwork scale or crop it in anyway. If your artwork file is saved as 20cm x 20cm it will print at that scale. If you wish to have your artwork in a different scale or cropped into a different frame, get in touch and we can provide a quote.

How do I know what the colours will look like?

What you see on screen and what prints on fabric will always be a little bit different. Your screen is a reflective light source that can produce a larger breadth of colours than can be achieved on textiles. For example fluoro colours you see on screen cannot print fluoro.

A textile is an absorbent surface and will show colour up differently to on screen. All textiles will also print a little differently depending on their white point and texture.

Our printers have been expertly calibrated to produce the best colour possible, we print with a balance of colour, contrast and detail. We can produce, beautiful fine detail, photographs and solid colour.

Will my print look the same if I print it multiple times?

Because many customers print the same file at a variety of intervals, we try to manage print reproduction with the best outcome as possible. This highlights one of the biggest advantages to printing on demand and the minimisation of waste.

The nature of textiles is such that the same print environment, ink and fabric calibrations are maintained, yet across different rolls of fabric a variation in results can occur.

Fabric is woven or knitted and prepared for printing in large batches, and if print runs occur across a variety of different batches over a period of time, batch variation is likely to occur. Visual characteristics of batch variation may be, slightly brighter than previous, slightly different colour saturation, colour may be warmer, cooler, lighter, more or less contrast.

The nature of textiles is such that all specifications may align from one roll of fabric to the next yet results can vary. We have a very controlled process to mitigate this but ask you do maintain a realistic approach that especially with natural fabric printing it has been woven from a natural source and growing conditions, weaving, yarn spinning across different batches will play a role in the final print result.

Do all fabrics print the same?

All fabrics will print differently. Different fibre compositions, weaves, weights, and base colours produce different print results. Printing the same file on multiple fabrics will present in the same “look” of colour reproduction across fabrics but it will never be exact. An example of printing a light grey on our crisp white lustres Classic Cotton, appears as a silvery iridescent colour. The same colour printed on our Byron, will have a darker, matte and more oatmeal appearance due to the difference in fabric colour and composition.

How long will my order take?

Our Standard turnaround time is 7 - 10 working days.

For orders over 30m we may need a bit more time and you will be notified. We do our best to have stock of all fabrics at all times, from time to time we can run out and we’ll let you know if there will be a delay.

If you need a print in a hurry, please let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to you within your required time frame. We don’t offer a paid rush service as everyone is important, we don’t allow queue jumping at a cost.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping is calculated based off weight and destination fabric is being sent to. We use Australia Post Satchels and Courier service. For orders under 3kg they will usually go in a satchel and be posted. Orders being shipped with a courier on a roll will be sent using the most cost and time effective method for the customer. Using our Fabric Creator you can get shipping quotes from your order.

You are also welcome to do a local pick-up from our factory.

How do I set up my file?

You can create a file using any digital art program such as Photoshop and Illustrator. If you don’t have a paid subscription to Adobe you can use free open source software such a Gimp. You can take a photo of something and send us that file for print also. The settings we recommend for optimal print outcome are;

  • RGB Colour
  • 300 Pixels Per Inch
  • Saving files as a TIFF

Sending my file for print

You can use our Fabric Creator to conveniently up-load and preview your file on-line and select the preferred shipping method. You will need to have your file managed to less that 40mb in size.

If you have specific print requirements you can also send through your file to us directly at contact@nextstateprint.com. using a file transfer service such as dropbox, wetransfer. Please note our requirements for sending through a file via e-mail.

Can I come in to see the fabrics and printing?

We are open for appointments if you wish to come into the factory. If you don’t make an appointment we may not be able to meet with you. As much as we love a visitor our team is small and our focus is on managing print production without distraction. Where possible we prefer to have a digital relationship. If you wish to discuss your printing project we recommend calling as we can help with most questions over the phone: 03 9429 5888. We reply as promptly as possible to all e-mails. Fabric samples are available for purchase https://nextstateprint.com/shop/samples/swatch-book/

How do I know if the artwork I want to print has a copyright attached?

Unless you have created the artwork, drawn it, photographed it or purchased it from a design resource you may not have the right to reproduce it. You cannot change an image slightly, thus changing it to your own artwork, you will find in most circumstances this is a breach of copyright. Unless it is original artwork we strongly recommend you thoroughly investigate your rights to reproduce it. We support and respect the rights of all artists, designers, illustrators (many of which are our talented customers) to never have their artwork re-produced without permission.

Do you offer trade discounts?

Next State Pricing is structured to offer a great rate to all customers. We do not offer further discounts to trade. We offer the following bulk discounts:

  • on orders over 30m: a 3% discount
  • on orders over 50m: a 5% discount

For volume over 200m please call to discuss.

Will my repeat print come in a continuous length?

Next State will print your fabric to the length you have requested to a maximum of 30m in a single run. If you provide a tile for repeat it will repeat out to the maximum printable width of the fabric and then down the required length such as 2m/5m/10m etc. During the printing process faults may occur (such as a bit of fluff on the fabric or a loose thread in the weave), which are outside of our control. We will often print extra if such a fault has occurred and impacts a large area of print. We cannot guarantee perfect uninterrupted printing but endeavour to do so at all times.

What is the process if I think there is something wrong with my print?

All fabric is printed on demand and as such we like to assess what error has occurred and work with our customers together towards a solution. If you think a print fault has occurred, it is extremely helpful if you can send us some images of the fabric and a description of what you think has occurred so we can have a visual to discuss with our team You can email a description of a fault with images to contact@nextstateprint.com.

If a print has not worked out as envisioned, often it is an error in a file. Our incredible customer service team regularly check files and raise any concerns with customers, so we can get the best outcome possible. We suggest if you are new to printing or not confident in a file when placing an order you make note of this so we can review the file and provide feedback.

Quality, continuity, and excellent printed execution are our top priority. However In manufacturing especially large volume custom printing, faults do occur. We have a quality control process that can pick up any faults and pending on the severity of a fault we will usually contact a customer to discuss what has occurred and work with them to compromise or get an outcome. We like to always explore every opportunity to keep fabric out of waste disposal.

In mass customisation variation in printing results does occur and we cannot guarantee exact reproduction of files every time. We do not consider, large lengths of fabric with small faults, subtle movement in an image, fibres and fabric shifting ink on the surface of the textile and slubbing in linen to be a print fault. These are characteristic of printed textiles.

Can I join the Artwork Library?

If you are a textile or surface designer and wish to join the Artwork Library, please contact artwork@nextstateprint.com 

Our library is designed to present a body of work with a focus on quality not quantity, our aim is to have the best and most prestigious design library not the largest. All design work needs to be complimentary to that of the other designers. We want to be able to showcase designers work to support and promote product sales.