Timeless Satin Scarf

Essential Dressing with a Satin Scarf

It’s hard to comprehend a more timeless and essential accessory than a satin scarf. Transforming the everyday outfit into a statement look, a scarf collection is often the saviour of the day when running out the door in a rush with the desire for a chic look.

Satin scarf with a half circle design hanging in front of a white wall.
custom printed satin scarf draped against a wall
custom printed satin scarf elegently draped against a white studio wall.

The By Halves artwork, in Moonbeam colourway, designed by Ellen McKenna has been sewn into a long satin scarf. We selected this artwork as it has many great features that play well in a scarf. A tonal colour palette that goes with everything while still making a statement because of the bold shapes.

lots of different styles of a scarf with prints on

Square piece of fabric, often cotton. Worn around the neck, head, or wrist.

Typically a large, square piece of fabric. Can be folded into a triangle and worn around the neck or head.

Worn as a fashion statement to tie in a bow around the neck and weave through the hair as a headband or tie into a hair bow.

Perfect for all weather and any time of the day, this verastile size can be a sarong, a winter neck warmer or draped into a summer top.

A looped scarf without ends, it can be worn doubled over or as a single loop for a stylish look.

These styles highlight the versatility of scarves, which can be adapted for different climates, occasions, and fashion preferences.

One accessory worn many ways, truly is sustainable fashion. Hair, head, neck, waste and even a style pop to other accessories, your favourite scarf will serve you for many years. It is no wonder they are often considered an investment item.

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