Introducing Ivy Helena


Ivy Helena is on a mission to to create beautiful designs that inspire and share more positivity in the world. We think Ivy is doing a bang up job of this! Combining her life experiences in wellbeing and mentoring Ivy’s surface art, projects a sense of joy and happiness.

Ivy is a Kabi Kabi and Kooma descendent and is able to draw upon the natural environment and the talented arts and craft culture of her Elders to inspire her design work. Her mother sparked the love of fabric from a young age with sewing and creating outfits.

We are thrilled to have Ivy’s work in our Artwork Library and interview Ivy about process and inspiration.

Tell us about your journey to surface design?

It’s been a very slow journey but one I have absolutely loved. Biggest lessons have been learning to let go of self-doubt, being patient and staying relaxed about the whole process.

My love for fabric was sparked at a young age with my Mother used an old singer sewing machine to make matching outfits for me. I loved the fabric she used. Over the years I have enjoyed sewing as well and in January 2021 when I bought fabric online I started to wonder how I could create art for fabric.
Soon after, when visiting a fabric store I couldn’t see material I liked so that’s when I decided to learn pattern design

What is your design process like, do you plan things out or does it evolve as you start to work?

I don’t think I could plan a design even if I tried! I have too much fun and at times get carried away with the many ways you can use colour, shape, texture and the many other digital options. I find that I work best when I just go with the flow. I may have a general idea of what I want to create but it never turns out to be anything like I imagine. For me personally, my design process involves enhancing my own emotional wellbeing through mindfulness.

You have discussed how colour creates an emotional connection, what feelings do you hope your artworks evoke in people?

I’m exploring emotional wellbeing through pattern design. I’m experimenting with creating Indigenous inspired organic and playful motifs of nature and country using colours and shapes to create emotions such as happiness, relaxation and calm. if people feel happy and uplifted using my designs that would be amazing.

Where do you seek inspiration for design and do you dedicate time to experimentation?

My inspiration comes from a few things. It’s the legacy of my Elders, my culture and the beauty of country, nature, plants and animals. My Elders were very talented creatives and artists exploring paintings, emu carvings, woodwork, sewing, knitting and the list goes on. This has left a long-lasting impression on me. I dedicated a lot of time to experimentation when I was starting in out in design but more recently I haven’t had the time. Seeking inspiration happens when you need it to.

What products did you have in mind when creating your designs and how do you hope to see your textile prints being used in the creative community?

I originally created my designs with homewares in mind. Some people have said my designs suit tea towels, swimwear and bedding. I’m keen to see what creatives make with my designs. All are welcome to reach out to me for new designs and work together in exploring the use of colour and other elements to create new patterns.