Designer Profile

Name: Mel Armstrong
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Design Style: A mix of digital, traditional & kids

I love drawing! If I don’t have a sketchbook with me I panic. It’s an addiction that started a few years ago after trying to find some fabric for my son. I couldn’t find what I wanted so decided to use my graphic design skills to design my own. I designed and made him a nap bed for daycare and all of a sudden I had requests from other mums for one! I then fell into a new career illustrating and pattern designing. In 2016 I won the Make it in Design scholarship (2016) and signed up with art agent Advocate Art. I love working both traditionally and digitally and my illustrations & patterns have appeared on baby products, shoes, greeting cards, journals, fabric, stationary and phone covers. I love creating designs for kids, which are mostly inspired by the imagination of my own kids, but I also like to draw from nature birds & flowers are never boring! My mind is a juggle of design ideas. I love bright, bold colours that will put a smile on your face and I like to break the rules!