Designer Profile

Name: Ally Bryan - Coloured Space Design
Location: Sydney's Northern Beaches - NSW
Design Style: Organic, abstract, sometimes whimsical, textured, layered and fun

I am a creative soul. My childhood passion for beach-combing and my ritual of diving into any ocean reminds me that the world is a rolling slideshow of light and colour. Much of my inspiration comes from the seaside and the beautiful shapes of nature.

I love vivid colours but also like to explore the hidden shades of black and white. I am a mixed media artist and surface pattern designer. Using sticks, feathers and traditional paint brush, I work with acrylics, watercolours and inks to design unique collections and commissions that have appealed to a broad market.

My design collection is eclectic, textured and timeless and is often created by combining traditional and digital media. I enjoy producing original artworks that capture the imagination to arouse an emotive response.

My motto is “It is not what I see but what YOU see that is important; the only limitation is our imagination”.

instagram: @colouredspacedesign