Designer Profile

A woman wearing a dress made using a Katie Makes a Dress design and black sunglasses in a softly lit forest. The dress pattern, QLD Summer, is turquoise frogs and brown snakes on dark green leaves. The woman has red lipstick and black tattoos on her forearms.
Name: Katie Makes A Dress
Location: Noosaville Queensland
Design Style: Eclectic, Bold, Quirky

I started sewing when I was given my first machine for my fourteenth birthday. I stopped not long after because it was very uncool. Having babies and moving on from dial up internet prompted me to start again around ten years later and I haven’t stopped since.

Fabric design is a more recent adventure. Sewing my own clothes means I get a bit fussy about the prints I use, so over time I’ve developed quite the catalogue of potential designs and filed them away in my brain. This year I decided to get them out of there and onto fabric. After a number of false starts, I slowly became more comfortable with drawing onto a tablet and taught myself about repeats. I have a love of wildlife, anatomy and all things slightly weird.

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