Fabric Creator – Web to Print

When Next State launched in January 2015, a digital solution for uploading and previewing files on the website was part of the vision. Fast forward a few years, countless hours of work, support form our wonderful customers, web developers and Next State team and our Fabric Creator has arrived!!!! (Pop goes the champers)

We are delighted that our wonderful creative customers can now upload, preview and edit files on our website. Artwork can now be previewed prior to printing, shipping options selected and orders submitted.

Everyone is so busy these days, right? We hope that being able to order online and submit all your custom preferences saves time for more of the fun stuff, like print designing.

In conjunction with our web to print we wanted to offer an Artwork Library featuring the works of talented surface and textile designers. Our ambition for the designers, Next State community and our industry was to promote good design, encourage collaboration and provide accessible high quality artwork to the customisation of textiles.

Over the coming weeks we will be introducing you to our wonderful artists and there unique print designs.

Achieving goals in business is always a team effort and we couldn’t have launched our fabric creator or Artist library with out the support of the wonderful textile and design family.

Tropical by Julie Harrison

Rainbow Trout Coral by Emily Wills

Pink Magnolia by Kelly Kratzing

Minor Melody by Ellen McKenna

Cactus by Angie Hollister

Waving Kitty by Ellie Whittaker

Lawrence Pink by Annie Cooper