Designer Profile

Name: Julie Harrison
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Design Style: Graphic, playful, floral, colourful, happy and bold

Hello, My name is Julie Harrison and I am the founder of Pattern Play Studio. I have over 15 years experience as a Graphic Designer primarily in the corporate business environment. A love of beautiful, modern, graphic prints, and the desire to pursue creativity in my spare time, led me to further my education where I was introduced to Surface Pattern and Textile Design.

A pattern is “a repeated form or design that is used to decorate something”. My goal is to design patterns to enhance and decorate your “something”.

My prints are often described as colourful, happy and graphic and playful. A love of florals features prominently in my work, and I am keen to experiment and design using different mediums in my art, from paper collages, and watercolour compositions to digital illustration.
Designing for textiles and printing with Next State Print is a dream come true.