Artists and Textile Designers alike seek inspiration from Australian life mostly from our iconic native Flora and Fauna

So unique is Australian Flora that 80 percent of it is native to our continent. Of native Australian Fauna, 71% of mammal and bird species, 88% of reptile species and 94% of amphibian species are endemic to our land.

Our location

Next State is based in the suburb of Abbotsford, sitting on the land of the Wurundjeri people. Situated against the Yarra River we have only to take a short stroll and see a variety of Gum, Eucalypts and Banksia while native birds whistle and warble in the background. Surrounded by nature we are faced with the stark reminder of the borrowed and shared land we exist on.

Bringing native elements to the forefront of design first of all reminds us of the important role they play in our life, as we enjoy the visual and sentimental stimulation they bring us. That role must extend to protect and conserve furthermore so future generations can celebrate them also.

The Next State Artwork Library celebrates Australian native species in print design.

Sleepy Koala by Thistle and Fox

Blue Wren by Thistle and Fox

Eucalyptus Gumnuts Duck-egg Blue by Thistle and Fox

Golden Honeybees Close Together by Thistle and Fox

Gumnuts Silver Blue Bright Red Blossoms by Thistle and Fox

Australian Botanical Blue by Amanda Laing

Gum Leaves by Amanda Laing

Silver Princess Gum by Amanda Laing

Koala by Kelly Kratzing

Tas Devil by Kelly Kratzing

Black Cockatoo by Kelly Kratzing

Australia by Mel Armstrong

Birb Pattern on White by Fancy Lady Industries

Cassowary Camo in Emerald by The Indigo Room

Forest Song by Annammo

Sharks Blue by Angie Hollister

Tas Tiger 1 by Ellie Whittaker

Rainbow Trout Coral by Emily Wills