Memphis inspired pattern design is all about throwing the rules of ‘good taste’ in the bin and instead letting the colourful, kitsch and garish have there day!

The Memphis Group was an Italian design and architecture collective founded in Milan by Ettore Sottsass in 1981. The collective designed Post Modern furniture, fabrics, ceramics, glass and metal objects from 1981 to 1987. The name ‘Memphis’ is taken from a Bob Dylan Track. For a movement that only lasted 6 years, it has certainly had a lasting effect on design!

Even though much of the original movement focused mostly on 3D objects, Memphis inspired pattern design stemmed from the strong aesthetics of the physical form, as well as the hedonism and excess of life in the 80’s, to create wild 2D patterns full of colour, movement and vibrancy. Memphis was a rejection of the clean, functional, stripped back vibes of Modernism before it.

Memphis inspired designs have been having their moment again of late with a Neo Memphis wave rippling through the the 00’s. Everything from whole building murals in Memphis style to some of the original Memphis designers collaborating with brands like Supreme and American Apparel to bring this fresh style to a new generation.

Why don’t you get loose and have some fun with Memphis inspired prints this Summer…

Providence Bolds 3 By Ellie Whittaker

Nothing Test Pattern Two by Ellie Whittaker

Memphis by Mel Armstrong

Major Melody by Ellen McKenna

Lamington Strawberry Pattern by Fancy Lady Industries

Dragon Fruit by Michelle Aitchison

Counting Squares in the Morning Light by Ellen McKenna

Stickemup Avo by Michelle Aitchison

River at Dawn Grey by Ellen McKenna

All Sorts of Sweats by Ellie Whittaker