Abstract Bold

Summer is here and we are venturing out on more social occasions after a lengthy “stay home,” we need not mention why! If we are going out let’s make it cheery and bright.

We’ve seen a beautiful and positive response to hard times with artists and designers creating bright, abstract and uplifting patterns. This is the power of design to make us smile, bring light into our life and evoke a celebration of colour.

One of the great strengths of digital textile prints is to not be restricted by colour and scale. If you want bold, loud and energetic prints this collection from our Artwork library designers knows how to deliver.

Party Light by World of Mik
Night Trip by World of Mik
Kaleidoscope by Worls of Mik
Gem One by World of Mik
I’ll Grow on you Bahamas by Winter Bloom Design
Play School by Winter Bloom Design
Pebbles Teal by Whimsy Kaleidoscope
How I Feel About Spring White by Whimsy Kaleidoscope
Vivid Daydream by Cecilia Mok
Confetti Rainbow Opal by Thistle and Fox
Camo Aqua by Emily Wills
Modern Oasis 1960s by Cecilia Mok
Sugar Crush by Michelle Aitchison
Stained Glass by Michelle Aitchison
Desert Dusk 2 by Michelle Aitchison
Starfish in Blue by Indigo Room
Licorice Allsorts by Emilio Frank Design
Organic by Ellen McKenna
Painterly Pink by Elephant and Rose
Art Play Print White by Elephant and Rose
Sprinkles Green by Catchy Attitude
Pebbles Sunshine by Catchy Attitude
Fools Paradise by Booboo Collective
Stellar Navy by Anna Morwood