Remnant Box

We are thrilled to introduce our Remnant Box they are made up form offcuts of our fabrics. When we load a new fabric onto a printer for printing it causes a bit of waste at the start, as we tension fabric through the machine. Prior to printing we do a print check to ensure quality, this makes a small mark on perfect fabric, and causes extra waste. We often test new fabrics and work on new developments. This generates a supply of fabric we can not use for our commercial printing.

Upon welcome feedback from our customers many of them responded with how much they would like us to make our remnants available. We have sourced a recycled box, biodegradable tape and filled each box with around seven meters (2kg) of natural fabric, in a variety of cut lengths. You’ll receive cotton, linens, organics, and blends.

After a roll of fabric is printed, it goes through a fixation process and then onto the cutting table where jobs are cut down and any excess sorted into boxes. We work extremely hard to avoid landfill and believe the fabrics that we have worked tirelessly to include as part of our range have a value beyond waste. The purchase cost of our boxes is used to cover the expences for the shipping, offset the carbon, time to pack, cut and sort. We don’t want to profit from the sale of a Remnant Box as we profit by keeping waste out of landfill.

The remnants are perfect for a variety of sewing projects from lining a bag, backing a cushion, quilting, embroidery, dying and much more.

In the recent production of a job we completed it resulted in a large amount of waste on our Verona commercial polyester fabric, so we have used the fabric to create a remnant purse as a fun printed sewing project inside each box.

Check out these great ideas for using Remnants

On trend scrunchy and bows
Quilting as the front or back with remnants would be beautiful. Imagine over-dying the quilt…..dreamy
Natural textile hand dying, you could experiment with tie-dye and shibori
Our Linens and cotton/Linen blends are wonderful to embroider into.
Creating toys can use small bits of fabrics, and you can also use remnants to stuff a toy.
heat bags and wheat pillows, perfect addition as winter approaches
Sometimes we want to have an adventurous print on the front and a more chilled out back