Nice to meet you – Angie Hollister

Angelique Hollister of Stitch n Sketch creates playful and graphic prints for the youth and young at heart. She fuses hand drawn elements with digital colouration allowing for the perfect marriage of old and new textile design techniques. Angie’s inspiration for design is clearly in wildlife, florals and food. However playful a design may appear on face value the concepts go deeper than that. When I look at Angie’s prints it reminds you of a time when you knew less about the world and the thought of a sausage dog walking down the street looked funny. Swans floating by were both elegant and mysterious, you would then think about the need to read the Ugly Duckling before bed. A chocolate covered strawberry was the height of posh in my house and you knew it was a special day when the chocolate and punnet appeared next to the stove.

Angie Hollister

What initially drew you to textile design?

I accidentally discovered the world of textile design when a number of children’s fashion and décor brands contacted me through Instagram requesting my artwork digitally for print. I quickly up-skilled myself in the adobe suites which opened up the world of exclusive pattern design for my business and I have never looked back. I am constantly daydreaming about patterns, colours and textures and hope to continue to do what I love.

Sweet Repeat

Do you plan a print or does it organically evolve?

A design concept usually starts as a simple vision in my mind and definitely evolves during the creative process. Once pen or brush goes to paper anything can happen! Then once I bring the illustrations into adobe software and start building a pattern layout I try many variations and sometimes end up in places unexpected. While much of my work involves exclusive pattern design for customers, I find this process is also very organic and I work with the customer each step of the way and we evolve and build the pattern together which is really exciting.

Livid Floral

What is your dream creative project?

My dream job is to design a full pattern collection for a kids bedding line or home décor such as rugs, stationary, wall paper, cushions…….just to name a few!

I hope to continue to hone my craft and to work as a freelance designer actively creating and marketing my pattern designs, including building and strengthening my portfolio of works.

You can see more of Angies works and collaborations on her Instagram @stitch_n_sketch

Pretzels Pink

Emerald Palms


Sausage Dog Peach