I Made This Gift

Ahh the festive season, the season of excess, too much food, too much fun, too much sun and sometimes too much family. All the makings of a joyous time. I’m a huge fan of the whole Christmas celebration. I enjoy the build up much more than the day its self. A self declared craftaholic I love making gifts, painting cards with my kids, cooking sweet treats and knowing that Christmas means summer, which means the best fruits are in season.

As the years have gone by the focus of what and how we consume at Christmas is of increasing importance to me. Quality not quantity, practicality and longevity over fast fun.

A hand made touch in a gift is such a joy to receive. There is equally as much join in making a gift as there is with the love in which it is received. A gift made is never a gift forgotten and often it may not be to our exact taste but it is still treasured. “Not my preferred colour, but I love it because it was made for me”

A key to successful Christmas gift making is to plan early, have a solid concept, which you have researched how to make and if needed trialled. Then block out the time required to complete the project. I also find that making variations of the same things is a great idea as you can make five of the same gifts faster than five different.

Top Five: I Made This Gift

ONE: Heat Pack

Featuring print by Kasey Rainbow from our Artwork Library

Get the rice, lavender and aching muscles ready.

Recommended fabric: Organic Canvas and Panama Canvas, strong and structured to support the filling and cotton to go against the skin

TWO: Reusable Fruit and Veggie Bag

Featuring print by Kat Kalindi from our Artwork Library

We already have to carry all our bags to the shops, so why not for our fruit and veggies.

Recommended fabric: Cotton Lawn, it’s light and breathable

THREE: Tea Towel

Featuring print by Mel Armstrong from our Artwork Library

Seriously why not have the hardest wearing textile in your house as one of the best looking, they deserve it!

Recommended Fabric: Soho and Byron, Cotton Linen blend for durability and absorbency.

FOUR: Cushion

A cushion can change the whole outlook of a room. A collection to rotate always brings a welcome change

Recommended Fabric: Our Rigid Linen, Hampton, Aspen, or Velvet. Textural and cosy

FIVE: Quilt

Want to give the extra love to a special someone this year? A handmade quilt, with a modern construction is such a beautiful heirloom. Designing a textile print or printing from our Artwork Library, then selecting the weighted filling, constructing the quilt and applying a stitch design makes for a beautiful product.

Recommended Fabric: Our Como, Poplin or Twill are beautifully weighted Cottons for quilts, soft, durable and lovely to sew.


Napkins – Re-usable tableware not just for fancy occasions

Recommended Fabric Soho, Byron and Twill

Headbands and Scrunchies – Imagine opening a gift with super fresh hair accessories. My heart does flutter.

Recommended Fabric: Organic Jersey and Scuba for headbands. Como, Otto and Poplin for Scrunchies