Fashion School

We love printing and working alongside the next generation of fashion and textile talents. We understand the importance of industry collaboration as part of education and love working with the different schools across Australia. One of our collaborations is with North Metropolitan TAFE in WA. Anna Kotai and Daren Mok reached out a few years ago to work on a print project. The project involves the students presenting a theme, creating a story board and print collection. We at Next State review the work to industry standards and provide student feedback.

It is deeply satisfying seeing the students further develop their concepts and push their design skills. At the end of the process swatches of the students work are printed and we announce a winner who has executed, concept, presentation and design to the highest level.

This year we were thrilled to announce Floriane Ingabire as our winner. We have interviewed Floriane about her studies in Fashion and textiles.

Floriane Ingabire
Chatting with the Students from Northern Metropolitan TAFE in WA
Florianes Print inspiration
Florianes Winning Print Collection

What drew you to study fashion?

Fashion and art has always been a big part of my life. I got into sewing because I could never find trendy clothing in my size or nothing would ever fit properly. So initially I started studying fashion, to learn how to properly make clothing for myself and people like me.

What are your favourite elements in the creation of a garment?

My favourite elements of Making a Garment, is definitely the textile and print development, although its a lengthy process sometimes, I always feel like I know what I’m doing and not as stressed in that element. This year I have definitely explored and improved in my digital art skills.

Tell us about what inspired your print design

My Print design was heavily inspired by Afrofuterism and Afro-centric artists like JESSI UJAZI and their collaging style. I’m also inspired by bright and contrasting colours of traditional Burundian and Ankara fabrics.

Where do you hope a career in design will lead you?

In the future I would love the opportunity to run my own fashion house or even just a print designer for another fashion house. For now I’m planning on interning and furthering my studies.