Trends come and go in the way in which they are interpreted. Certain techniques or trends have lasting power, and one such trend is the use of watercolour painting in textiles. Whether for the home or in fashion, watercolours have made an appearance in many formats of design throughout history, including textiles, ceramics, wallpaper, graphic and web design. Each season we see watercolours being re-imagined in colour, scale and application. Last year, large scale watercolours in blues and greys featured heavily in interiors. For Fashion in 2019/2020, watercolour floral and foliage are on trend.

The delicate movement of a pigment with water and the pushing of texture onto fine watercolour papers is perfectly matched with the translation of these paintings onto digital textiles. When printing watercolours, you can print onto a flat tightly woven surface creating a beautiful texture and clarity from the original painting. When you print onto a textural linen it increases the texture of the fabric and provides great surface interest.

Watercolours can be used to create still life imagery or used as abstracts where the colour palette is singular, and the interest comes from shape and texture. Watercolours are a beautiful introduction to painting, they encourage experimentation and feel like an entry level approach to painting.

Not to undermine the extreme skill and practiced craft of an experienced watercolour artist, it’s lovely to have an artistic medium for the novice of us out there to feel confident in trying out.

The Next State Artwork Library features a collection of stunning watercolour prints by our talented designers for you to discover and print for home and apparel.