Take Flight

It’s no wonder our feathered friends with their brightly coloured plumage, iconic identities and majestic forms are a source of print inspiration.

Birds are as complex and varied in personality as people, loud and confident birds, parading flashy feathers and wings are contrasted by small, agile and delicate creatures.

The inspiration for birds in prints is vast, you can reflect the very personality of a bird creating a bold and regal design as a nod to the Swan. Perhaps a design could be a playful pop of colour drawing inspiration from chattering Australian birds. The flight of the bird is majestic inspiring ethereal and dream like prints.

Birds as a species have such an array of biodiversity it’s wonderful we can celebrate them in our print design.

Some of our favourite “Bird Collection” from the Artwork Library

Tidings by Ellie Whittaker
Blue Wrens Scattered on White by Thistle and Fox
The Wild Swans Midnight by Cecilia Mok
Birb Pattern White by Fancy Lady Industry
Hovering Hornbills Michelle Aitchison-
Hummingbirds by Mel Armstrong
Birds of Paradise Fuchsia by Megan Isabella
Forest Song by Anna Morwood
Freedon Flock by Ally Bryan