Print design is more or less wearable art, yes some prints are designed to create a corporate look or commercially match fabrics, however the textile designer as an artist has long had roots in the craft of print design. As such we see a transfer of concepts from prints to art and back again. Lately there has been many visual explorations in organic and warped shapes. A move away from traditional geometric designs “shapes” prints are often expressed in bold colours and big scales.

This style of print design brings a real confidence and playfulness to a garment or interior. It’s not about blending in but standing out and making a statement. What I like most about these prints is how they blur the lines of gender and age, making the look work for anyone bold enough to join the shapes tribe.

Shapes Collection from our Artwork Library

Grimace Black by Zonkt
Animal Instinct by Winter Bloom Design
Purple Pop by Winter Bloom Design
Coral by Zonkt
This and That by Michelle Aitchison
Emerald Geo Dark by Rachel King Designs
Foliage by Ellie Whittaker
Night Troppo Shapes Maroon by Ellie Whittaker
River at Dawn Green by Ellen McKenna