The term Retro summons up imagery of styles from our recent past. As we left behind antiques and ornate decorations post industrial revolution, design in the 50s-70s became more focused on colour palettes and bold shapes. When I think of Retro, bright colours of oranges and reds mixed with acid greens comes to mind. Often warped lines and brash shapes. The term retro often evokes the thought of fashion, interiors and artistic styling that has a slight modernist nod, with a bit of a flair for the theatrical.

Retro design has the amazing cult like following from crowds of dedicated design buffs, we’ve all sat in a retro room in awe of the dedication to the hunt of interior items and bold use of wall papers and let us not forget the glory of a shag pile carpet!

Retro lends itself to being a constant modernisation of the past as it was already old and can be made new again, a wonderful revolving door through the resent eras. It is a well celebrated style in textile design, thank goodness, as we don’t need to be so serious all the time, do we baby?

Check out these Retro Designs from our Artwork Library

Labyrinth Carnival by Cecilia Mok
Dottie by Esther Fallon Lau
Some Dots Pink by Vanessa Holiday
Oblong Abstract Caramel by Julie Harrison
Skateboards Sky by Cecilia Mok
Wattle by Linen Jungle
Secret Garden Sand by Catchy Attitude
Fronds With Benefits Teal by Surface 122
Palm Rows by Mel Armstrong
Sunny by World of Mik
Zig Zag by Claire Eden
Palm Springs Retro by Booboo Collective by Daniela Casadio
Camo Aqua by Surface 122
Orbit by Emilio Frank Design
Tropifari Palms White by Michelle Aitchison
Fruit Song Daisies by Mel Armstrong
Celeste by Ellen McKenna
80s Doodle Pink by Fancy Lady Industries
Gamer Purple by Zonkt