A meteorological phenomenon, a mythical emblem, folkloric inspiration and a symbol of modern design. The beauty of the rainbow is as innocent as a colourful arc to delight a child and as meaningful as a ray of hope for those in need.

Associations of colour, joy and boldness all encompass the single icon that is a rainbow. Rainbows have become a much celebrated concept in textile and surface design. We see it used in both fashion and homewares for children and adults alike. The application of the rainbow can be in full colour as a bright graphic adorning kids pinafores or muted into a subtle feminine palette to suits the most sophisticated look.

However you use the rainbow, we hope it brings joy.

Estelle by Zonkt
Fancy Lady Industries by Rainbow Pattern
Magic Rainbow by Kat Kalindi
Rainbow Three by Kasey Rainbow
Weather’s Good For Ice Cream by World of Mik
Painted Rainbow Yellow by Sunny Afternoon Design
Seasons Clouds by Michelle Aitchison