Cold and frosty nights met with sparkling sun in the morning make this time of year prime mushroom season for the South of Australia. They start popping up everywhere, multitudes of mushies are in the garden and forest walks. Foragers delight is picking pine mushrooms with mouths watering, thinking about them sautéed in butter.

Mushrooms ignite a sense of magic and wonder with visions of fairies and poetic hidden worlds, iridescent colours and organic shapes. They are a mysterious beauty in which the novice of us never knows if a wild one is poisonous, so best to stay clear. They are a little fungus of mystery that has beautiful characteristics and steeped in history making them the perfect inspiration for print designers.

Feature collection of Mushrooms from the Artwork Library

Australia Fungi Green by Eloise Short
Australia Fungi Slate by Eloise Short
Fungi Silhouette Raspberry by Eloise Short
The Small Forest by Cecilia Mok
Mushrooms Pattern Blue by Fancy Lady Industries
Mushrooms Pattern Green by Fancy Lady Industries
Magical Mushrooms Deep Orange by Thistle and Fox
Shrooms and Blooms by Michelle Aitchison

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