Ditsy Florals

Ditsy Florals represent the quintessential vintage print featuring lots of little flowers. Traditionally an English print we think of iconic design house Liberty London with beautiful small scaled florals in seasonal colours covering delicate dresses and feminine interiors.

With so many interpretations of a Ditsy floral it’s no wonder this print has been popular through generations. It still lends its self as a charming baby clothes print, sophisticated womens day wear and more recently mens shirts.


Feature Ditsy Floral Artworks from the Library

Livid Floral by Angie Hollister

Sunflowers Swallows Blue by Angie Hollister

Tree by Kelly Kratzing

Reindeer by Kelly Kratzing

Wildflowers Blue by Julie Harrison

Collage Flower Purple by Julie Harrison

Blossom Floral Pink Leaves by Julie Harrison

Wild Fields Two by Ellie Whittaker

Daisy Alice Ditsy One by Ellie Whittaker

Petal Pink by Ellen McKenna

Light Rambling by Ellen McKenna

Rosa Red by Annie Cooper

Lawrence Mustard Purple by Annie Cooper

Watercolour Flower by Mel Armstrong