Creative Camo

Camo prints are a youthful staple that can be applied across bedding, decor and fashion easily. Though originally used to disguise soldiers into their surroundings, bold camouflage patterns on the streets and runways are anything but covert and are a welcome break from classic khaki colourways.

Earthy tones keep the pattern close to its military roots while bright, colourful versions elevate this classic print style with refreshing bright pops of colour and abstract interpretations.

This is an easy style to recreate, perhaps consider :

  • Playing around with heavy drop shadows
  • Varying tints and tones
  • Mixing up your straight and curved edges
  • Exploring different textured brushes
  • Experimenting with different filters in photoshop
  • Layering motifs
  • Playing around with the scale
  • Pairing organic earthy motifs with loud complimentary colours


Next State designs printed on our Rigid Linen