Bold Stripes

Vivid contrasts and striking combinations make striped patterns a delight for the eye. Stripes enhance the visual impact of a silhouette and mixing widths and colours adds vibrant dynamism.  Bold stripes are a classic design and when paired with a textured fabric like our lovely Alma Linen, the simplicity of directional lines really comes alive.

Striped designs have diverse capabilities when the direction of the stripe is altered.

Horizontal stripes soothe and create balance, like the sense of tranquillity that is offered by sunsets and landscapes.

Diagonal stripes can be disruptive and imply quick movement, energy and action

Vertical Stripes offer fluidity, strength and movement, but are more dramatic than disruptive.

Playing with stripes allows designers to think about the impact different hues have when placed alongside one another while building interesting palettes. Stripes as a style are great for both interiors and garments as they add definition and powerful focal points.

Youthful, fun, loud, classic, bold, confident
Complimentary colours paired with their lighter tints create soft and brightly vivid contrasts.