Black and White

So classic and irresistible is the visual stimulation of Black and White we can find our selves toiling for ages with colour choices to then come back and decide that our artwork looked better as black lines on a white background.

The meeting and mixing of Black and White to create a monochromatic colour palette has always been a strong basis for print design. Transcending age and gender we see newborn babies in black and white polka-dots, add eighty years and grandparents can rock a black and white polka-dot just as much as their miniature counterparts. The negative space is probably more pronounced and the spot smaller but the essences of the print is the same.

Stylish black pants and a white t-shirt have been an iconic fashion staple from the late 1940s. Black and white photography is more emotive and timeless perhaps the removal of colour forces us to make conclusions about how the real-world looked at that time and create a full story around the image depending on our mood. Bold and contrasting prints have adorned garments since wrapping ourselves in cloth was a thing. Whether covering our couches, lampshades, walls, dresses, bags or pants; black and white is a staple colour combination in print design which we’ll never regret choosing.

Check out some of our beautiful collection of Black and White Artworks.

Palms by Angie Hollister

Little Indians by Angie Hollister

Bauhaus by Annie Cooper

Shattered Time by The Nonsense Maker

New Charlie by The Nonsense Maker

Web by Ellen McKenna

Finale in White by Ellen McKenna

Bird Walk by Ellen McKenna

Lauper Fizz by Ellie Whittaker

Bondi Mono by Ellie Whittaker

Sticks and Stones by Fatima El-Cheikh

Dominos by Fatima El-Cheikh

Black Cockatoo Silhouette by Kelly Kratzing

Stripe-n-Cross by Michelle Aitchison

Spotted Scats by Michelle Aitchison

Jungle Mono by Michelle Aitchison