Nice to Meet You – Kelly Kratzing

Fusing Illustration with pattern design is a strong theme when reviewing the work of Textile and Surface Designer Kelly Kratzing. We can get consumed by the digital world and all the wonderful features of our design programs, Kelly’s approach with putting pen, pencil or paint to paper reminds us of the beauty of hand drawn elements whether simple or complex in design. This hand drawn aesthetic combined with Kelly’s background in Biology and Ecology has seen her create an eclectic body of work full of Flora and Fauna.

What initially drew you to textile design?

I’ve always loved illustration, but really started noticing (and loving) patterns about 3 years ago. Then I stumbled across surface pattern design and have been designing for textiles, stationery and home decor ever since! Textiles are so versatile and can be applied to so many products giving my designs many opportunities to shine. Sewing is not a strength of mine, so I’m always amazed at what people can create with fabric and I love being a part of that process with other creatives.

Sweet Lillies White

Do you plan a print or does it organically evolve?

I take inspiration from everything around me, but I have a real passion for nature, especially the unique Australian fauna and flora after studying biology and ecology at university. I also draw what I feel really interested in at the time (which can be as something as abstract as a Marie Antoinette collection after reading a history book!) and I try and balance that by incorporating predicted future trends that work with my style. I regularly sketch, enter competitions, undertake new courses, and review the activities from previous courses to shake things up a bit and keep my designs fresh and always evolving.


What is your dream creative project?

Creating anything for Land of Nod would be wonderful! They have such an amazing range of products for kids designed by talented artists. A lot of thought goes into those products and I would love to be a part of that. I also always love seeing my designs on products in people’s homes. It’s an amazing feeling.

Summer Botanicals

Pink Roses Blush