Nice to Meet You – Kasia Franc

Kasia is one of those talented designers who matches her skill with the paint brush to that of the computer. Creating motifs by hand usually by watercolour painting and then scanning and manipulating the illustration in Photoshop and Illustrator. If I were to describe Kasia’s work, I would say organic shapes on a textural base. Her play with layering and contrast in Photoshop of her original paintings bring a depth and intricacy to the design. Looking at Kasia’s prints you can see a theme of a floral or a geometry, however on closer inspection it’s the texture from the watercolour paper or layer manipulation that bring great depth and interest to her work. Kasia creates the sort of work that maximises digital printing and pushes it’s capabilities in representing detail, contrast, colour and texture. Bravo!

Night Garden

Close up detail of Night Garden

Night Garden printed on Scuba

1. What initially drew you to textile design?

I have always been interested in design and enjoy drawing and sketching, being inspired by nature and the world of colours and textures. Before moving to Australia I was working at a design studio in Poland where I hand painted designs on silk scarves and garments. I loved the idea of developing my skills further and it motivated me to study in Melbourne, graduating with BA in Textile Design at RMIT.

2. Do you plan a print or does it organically evolve?

A bit of both. Some of my designs are very much planned, they evolve slowly from my sketchbook and reflect the mood / colour boards. But I also like experimenting and combining few different designs into something new and coming up with spontaneous ideas for my patterns.

3. What is your dream creative project?

I wish to be involved in a project collaborating with a design studio, who would use my designs for their garments or home textiles.

Triangles in Gold

Pebbles in Pink

Little Palm Leaves Blue

Dots and Stripes Flowers