New Fabric! Nora

Welcome to the Family Nora!

We are thrilled to add a beautiful new home and interior fabric to the Next State stock service.

When our customers make requests we are always listening. Frequently we have been asked to offer a heavy weight fabric appropriate for domestic upholstery and soft furnishings.  We wanted this new textile to be something special and with a beautiful fibre composition; Nora has the luxury of linen and the durability of cotton. Nora is woven at a mill in England, it is great to reflect on the rich heritage of English textiles and manufacturing.

The original inventor of the Power Loom was Englishman Edmund Cartwright. He first designed the loom in 1784 and patented his concept in 1785. This first model was unsuccessful in design not really offering speed improvements from the original hand loom. It was however put into production to be fitted out into a modern factory that mysteriously burned down before opening, many calling fowl on the hand weavers association. It was another forty years before a successful model was introduced; still Cartwright’s loom was a key development of the industrial revolution.


Edmund Cartwright, inventor of the Power Loom

A power loom from the 1890s

An 1880’s example of a Power Loom


Flax Plant


New Fabric! Nora