New Fabric! Mesh

Mesh is having a fashion moment right now. For any of us that spent our
formative years growing up in the 90s, mesh represents a textile staple. We
have a “nagging” policy for new fabrics at Next State, ask us enough
and we’ll get the idea. Our collection of textiles is consciously developed and
carefully considered, so including a new textile to our range is a big deal for
us. We love the feedback we get from customers telling us what they wish we
would stock and the time had come where all the mesh lovers over the years were
asking us nearly daily, we felt it was the right time to include Mesh as a
stock service textile.

Our carefully developed Mesh has a beautiful body and weight it leans into
being a statement fashion dress with layering and drape while sewn into a basic
top the print brings all the drama.

Next state has been a buzz with ideas of what we’ll all be sewing and are so
excited to bring Mesh to the creative community.