Meet Mik

“Hello colour Lover!” The fine words of Mik, aka World of Mik, that feel like a warm embrace to us print tragics. Mik hails from Adelaide where she spends her time in her creative practice and mum to three kids.

Mik has long been a treasured addition to our Artwork library and a designer that we are so proud to represent. When interviewing Mik we asked her, “Describe your aesthetic?” To which she replied, “I can’t really answer that.” Only, Mik kind of has in her opening statement on her website, “Hello colour lover!” Do you need lots of colour in print, to be wrapped up in glossy sorbet tones, are you in love with fluid shapes and intricate moments of interlocking designs? This is Mik and the colour loving story she tells through print design.

Tell us about your journey to surface design?

I started drawing in my early 30s and experimented with different mediums and styles. Somewhere along the way I learnt about repeat patterns and was intrigued by them. I tried to make my own and although they were pretty terrible I was instantly in love. I kept practising and eventually started to license my work. Seeing designs come to life made me love it even more.

What is your design process like, do you plan things out or does it evolve as you start to work?

I am generally not a planner as I find if I plan too much it stifles my creativity. My usual process is to just start drawing and not think too much about it. I might have a general idea of what I want to create but often I have no idea at all and it just evolves. I prefer the freedom that comes from just making marks and seeing where it takes me. Even if the drawing doesn’t work out (which is common) it usually opens up ideas in my brain. Many of my design ideas evolved from happy accidents that happened while I was sketching and experimenting with no plan.

What is your preferred design tool to create your patterns on?

I almost always draw my designs completely in Procreate on my iPad. I do still use Photoshop and illustrator on occasion but the convenience of Procreate was a game changer for me. I am a big fan of having some subtle texture to my work and Procreate has great textures to work with, pencil being my favourite. I am also able to create more work using my iPad and Procreate due to the portability and ease of use.

Where do you seek inspiration for design and do you dedicate time to experimentation?

I tend to notice shapes and colours in everyday life, particularly nature, which is where most of my inspiration happens. I have also been inspired by things like the colour of a car driving past, interesting buildings I’ve walked by and even movies with interesting colour palettes. Inspiration is everywhere, if you pay attention.
Experimentation is absolutely key to my growth. Experimenting helps keep the creative spark going, especially when it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Some of my favourite designs were experiments that worked.

If you could go back five years and talk to your younger self what advice would you have for the younger designer in you?

When I started designing I would worry too much about other people thought and would try to create things I thought would be popular. That was ultimately unfulfilling and once I let go of that and embraced being myself everything shifted. I would tell my younger self to not worry about anyone else, create what you want. I would also say take more risks and say yes more often. Don’t let the fear that you’re not ‘good enough’ stop you.  

The years just seem to get quicker and quicker, as summer approaches and the festive season is just around the corner, what are you looking forward to?

The warmth! I absolutely struggle with being cold so winter is miserable, for me. I can’t wait for hot summer days and being able to go outside without needing six layers of clothing. I also love Christmas, it’s my favourite holiday.

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