Introducing Organic Cotton Canvas

We are delighted to introduce our NEW Organic Cotton Canvas. A wonderfully durable and versatile fabric, the organic canvas has a beautiful natural oatmeal colour and subtle flecking through the textile.

There is no denying that textiles make an impact on our environment. Organic cotton is usually defined by growing cotton without the aid of genetic modification and the use of pesticides and agricultural fertilisers. Of all the fibre crops grown globally cotton is by far the one occupying the most land mass.

In recent years the growing of organic cotton and demand for the fibre by consumers has seen its production volume rise rapidly. It is always refreshing to see consumers seeking to drive change in one of the oldest global industries.

Organic cotton boasts the benefits of removal of chemicals typically used in growing cotton, protecting the quality of ground water and encouraging a diverse and balanced farming eco-system.

There is always more that can be done to support the textile supply chain and the sustainability of it, not just for our planet, but also for those working in it such as the farmers and their workforce.

Going organic and protecting our land is certainly a step in the right direction. The more we talk about how our fibres are grown and who is growing them, picking them, weaving or knitting them and finishing them will encourage a more transparent and ethical industry.


Chart from O Ecotextiles