Catchy Attitude

Caroline of Catchy Attitude is a multidisciplinary creative. She brings a characteristic uplifting and fun energy to her artworks, prints, products and clothing she creates. Vibrant colour palettes and graphic imagery are a key feature in Caroline’s work, “cool print” is usually the first thing you hear when one of the Catchy Attitude prints crosses the cutting room floor. Like many creative business owners juggling a young baby and work, it can be extremely hard to find a balance between the two. (I can feel the wave of mothers nodding.)

We are so proud to have Catchy Attitude prints in our Artwork Library. Celebrating the talent of women following their own professional path and supporting a growing family, all at the same time,

Caroline has opened up about her creative process and daily routines.

Caroline of Catchy Attitude wearing her Pink Leopard in the Jungle Print
Catchy Attitude print collection
Catchy Attitude printed fabric planters
Carolines portraiture work
Glowing Forest Night Print
Leopard in the Dark
Flower Power Light Green

Tell us about your journey to Catchy Attitude?

I started my journey by creating realistic and colourful digital customs portraits. All my portraits are very bright and I love creating fun and unique patterns to make them stand out. This side hustle became my full time job in 2017 and I was very happy to be able to express my creativity and challenge myself by drawing daily again. While drawing portraits was how I began Catchy Attitude, I felt the need to go back to my first love and I decided to create fabric prints, similar to the ones I was using on my custom portraits, and also made clothing with my unique prints. I am always looking for ideas to challenge myself and I love turning boring items of our daily life into fun accessories or decorative products with my fabric prints.

What does a day in your life look like?

At the moment, life is a bit chaotic as I am still learning to be a mum and to manage the business on my own. I have lots of ideas but I am not the best at organisation. I spend a lot of time researching new product ideas, imagining how a print would look on clothing, creating lots of illustrations. When I design a new product, I like doing it entirely. Actually that’s probably why I started designing my own patterns, the day I had decided to make a clothing range. I have always taken pride in learning how a product is made and understanding the full process. Turning an idea into a real product from start to end makes me feel accomplished. Nowadays, time is very precious and I can only do so much – this is the limitation of wanting to do it all – and I am focusing more on digital artwork as I can jump on my tablet and create while spending time with my little boy.

Your colour palettes are bright and uplifting what impact does colour have on who you are?

I have always been attracted to colours and patterns, because I find that they make you stand out in the crowd. I find that wearing bright and colourful clothes has some kind of effect on my mood. I truly believe in colour therapy and colours make me feel happy and confident. This is the “Catchy Attitude” I want to spread around me.

How do you approach a new design, is it planned or does it evolve organically.

My designs come to life organically mostly. I can be inspired by something I see in nature, or a shape of an object found online, but the end product can be completely different from the initial inspiration. I just take these as starting points and then I draw, delete, repeat constantly until I am happy with the final look. I get bored very quickly and making the same style over and over again does not stimulate me so you’ll find that I create very different patterns just to challenge myself. I love when it is bright and flashy and that’s what I believe represents my style.

What are you looking forward to this year?

For now I am taking some time to be with my family and enjoy maternity leave. I am looking forward to exploring design as much as I can when my baby is asleep!
I am planning to make more clothing in the future but I will probably take a bit of time to recharge my batteries as I have not had much time off since I gave birth.

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