Ethical Manufacturing

Ethical Manufacturing is shown with a rotary cutter slicing up printed tea towel panels

The Process of Ethical Manufacturing

The ethical manufacturing of a single product passes through many if not hundreds of hands. As discerning businesses and consumers we are increasingly asking whose hands made my product. Where was the cotton picked, how was the yarn spun and who wove the textile. Transparency in manufacturing is often linked to ethics and our desire to know more about the people behind the process.

Here at Next State we are proudly accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA.) ECA is an accreditation body that works with business to independently audit the arrangements of the employees through the entire Australian supply chain and the workplace environment they are in.

Next State has been accredited with ECA since October 2018

Ethical Clothing Australia as an independent industry body provides consumers with the knowledge that all workers are safe and employment obligations are being met. Even still in Australia the sewing of a product can be negotiated with a sewing machinist at a per unit cost, this when calculated out may not even equate to a minimum wage or future benefits such as superannuation.

There is a cost to human labour and that should be taken into consideration at the purchase of a product. At Next State all of the printing and manufactured products that make up our Print and Make collection full under the accreditation of ECA.

Here at Next State it is important for us to make a meaningful impact on our industry and back our claims of ethics and sustainability with proven resources and transparent information.

Working the cutting table. Image ECA

Lucie from the ECA recently visited us and interviewed Chole Kerr one of the founding partners at Next State. You can read the full interview here and learn more about ECA