Eco Yarn

With our ongoing commitment to sustainability we are ever evolving the way in which we can minimise the impact textiles has on our environment.

Our vision for Next State is to change the way in which we consume textiles for fashion and interiors. One of our proudest achievements is working with businesses, micro and large that have a core philosophy to only fulfil stock to demand and not overstock products, drastically reducing potential waste.

We print on demand and can service only what is needed. That may be one meter or one thousand metres.

We have been expanding our collection of organic textiles and now offer a variety of organic fabrics in our range, with continual development to grow on this.

As global demand for organic yarn and natural fibres are growing we have also turned our eye to focus on recycled. We are excited to be introducing a collection of recycled polyesters and recycled cotton fibres through 2021.

We’d like to shine a spotlight on our newest interior fabric Odessa which is partially manufactured from Recycled Polyester. Repreve yarn is a recycled yarn that utilises plastic water bottles to be melted down and re-engineered into a yarn. With one metre of our Odessa comprising of approximately four plastic bottles.

A smooth hand feel and beautiful drape characterise Odessa

Odessa is a fabric woven for the purpose of commercial drapery, curtains, table cloths, cushions, soft furnishings and light upholstery. Having the feature of an inherent fire retardant, means Odessa has a molecular structure engineered into the yarn to provide retardancy against fire for the life of the fabric.

This means that the During a fire, the yarn reacts with the gases and tars generated naturally by the fabric, converting the gases and tars to carbon char, thus drastically slowing the fabric’s burning rate.

The ever evolving technical and sustainable developments in textiles present for an exciting future.

Odessa | 66% Inherent Fire Retardant Polyester / 34% Recycled Polyester

Odessa is woven to have a textural linen look
Vibrant colours and sharp details on Odessa