Colour Matching With PANTONE

PANTONE is an internationally recognised method of colour matching. While you may be familiar with a particular PANTONE colour book such as TPX or Solid Coated, you should know the representation of colour in the book will not print the same onto a textile. Each Next State textile has been calibrated to produce the best colour, contrast, detail and final print outcome for artwork. Individual colours can appear different as one textile may have a strong white point and another have an oatmeal background. Things like the base colour of a textile will adjust the way a colour appears.

Printing a PANTONE chart on the Next State fabric of your choice will give you a colour map you can work off to predict final printed textile colour appearance.

To use a specific colour you will need the PANTONE Solid Coated Colour Chart printed onto your desired fabric, so you can pick colours from that chart and apply it onto your artwork.

It’s like working backward to select the printed colour first and apply it to your digital file.

Step 1

At Next State we use the PANTONE Solid Coated colour book.

Select the fabric you wish to have a colour chart printed onto.

Step 2

Create a new document using the Next State recommended file Set-up

  • RGB
  • 300ppi
  • Save as: TIFF

Step 3

In Illustrator or Photoshop you can use the PANTONE Solid Coated colour book which is pre-loaded into the software

Step 4

By selecting the desired colour from the printed chart, even if it looks slightly different on screen, you will have more control over the way that colour prints.