Designer Profile

Name: Megan Isabella
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Design Style: Floral, Leafy, Botanical, Graphic, Bold, Colourful, Line work

Megan Isabella Davies is a Western Australian artist and designer. She produces graphic art for various projects including fabric, packaging and wallpaper which predominately features leaf and floral motifs. She draws her illustrations by hand first, which are later transformed into digital artwork ready for reproduction on any surface.

Megan grew up in the South-West, an area wedged between Karri forest and the ocean which boasts a beautiful natural environment. This childhood inspired a rich appreciation of the natural world which has carried over into her work today. She currently lives with her Husband and two cats in Perth where she works from their home studio.

Megan is fully qualified Graphic Designer, holding an Advanced Diploma of Design from the Central Institute of Technology (2010) where she was also awarded the annual Beaumont Award, which recognizes and ability to combine artistic talent with design and digital skills. Ever the curious creative, she has developed a multi-disciplinary skill set including visual research & conceptual design, print design, digital design, branding, illustration and acrylic painting. I:@meganisabelladesign FB:meganisabelladesign