Designer Profile

A tightly cropped photo of Marni Stuart working on an orange and pink abstract painting at a wooden table. She is wearing a black and white abstract print long sleeve top and a colourful floral design scarf. Marni has shoulder length straight brown hair.
Name: Marni Stuart
Location: Sunshine Coast, Australia
Design Style: Hand drawn florals

As a child I dreamed of growing up to be a rainbow farmer. I think I got pretty close.

My designs aim to show Australians that there is an incredible world to explore in the natural environment around us, that needs to be treasured and protected for future generations.

The area of native habitat I’m exploring at the moment is the Wallum coastal heathland around my Sunshine Coast home. The wildflowers are often so small they’re overlooked, but when you give them time, they show you some pretty spectacular sights.

I hope these works inspire you to embark on your own wandering through your local wildflowers, maybe even wearing some of these designs.

instagram: @marnistuart