The Fabric Creator is our tool for you to upload files, manipulate the layout and preview how artwork will look when printed on fabric.  If your job is a little more complicated, your files are huge or you need support with placing the order, you can contact our team with your specifications, and we can arrange the printing for you.

Fabric Creator

We recommend where possible using the Fabric Creator to place your order. The Fabric Creator will present you with a visual layout of what your order will look like when printed on fabric. You can select a fabric, change scales, layouts and select to print meterage or swatches. If you are not sure what you want your file to look like printed, the Fabric Creator is the best way for you to visualise the end result. What you see is what will print. Learn more about the Fabric Creator or upload a file and place an order


Files must be 44mb or less to order use the Fabric Creator


Ordering Directly

If you have a job with particular requirements or need extra support in the fabric ordering process you can contact our team and we can arrange printing for you. Our helpful and skilled support team can work with you get your ideas translated into an order.

You can ask us anything about what you are wanting to achieve, and we can instruct you on the steps to get there.

If you require us to set-up or manage your files, this does attract a file management fee.

We can provide details on how to present your file, we don’t go into software specific steps on what you need to do to get there.


  1. Send your file via email to or use a file transfer service. We recommend WeTransfer as a great free file transfer option for large files.
  2. Provide print specific details:
    • File name
    • Fabric you would like to print
    • How many metres/copies of a file you would like printed
    • If the file is a repeat or a placement
    • If you are collecting or we are posting
  3. Include any specifics of the layout, so we can check your file is set-up correctly to accommodate this request.
  4. Provide a print ready file. We will not scale your file, rotate it, adjust the layout, add borders around files or cut lines. Remember that how you envision a fabric to look is unique to you and not something we can always anticipate. This is particularly important if you are printing placement prints and artworks. We are more than happy to help with these requests, it does attract a file management fee.
  5. Files are printed on rolls of fabric, we do not cut up individual files. If you order multiple designs, they are printed one after the other down the roll of fabric.


File management is charged at $88 per hour. We can quote for any extra file work required.

Turnaround Times

Please allow 7-10 working days from receipt of the order to dispatch

Shipping And Collection

We offer shipping via Australia Post and our partner courier carriers.

Full shipping information is available here.