The Fabric Creator is our tool for you to upload files, manipulate the layout and preview how artwork will look when printed on fabric.  We have explained what each of the settings does and how it will adjust your file.

Common Questions We Get

My file is longer than one metre but I can only see the first metre?

Answer: The default view on the Fabric Creator is one metre, if you file is longer than this, extend the qty to the meterage you require, and the rest of the file will become visible. The qty will increase in 10cm increments.


What arrangement should I select?

Answer: The arrangement is the way your file will lay out over fabric. What you see on the preview is how your fabric will print. If you want two metres of an all over pattern and you select to centre the file, you file will centre in the middle of the fabric with unprinted space around it. Learn more about arrangements here


The colours in my file look different?

Answer: Certain files may present with a colour variation; this is due to the restrictive nature of viewing web colour spaces. If your file has colours well beyond the scope of the web colours, some colours may look strange, perhaps fluro, or aqua as a bright green for example. Don’t worry your fabric will print true to the file colours, if you want us to have a look leave us a note when ordering and we’ll check your file.