Selecting different layouts will transform the way your file appears on fabric. If you have created a file as a repeating print then you can tile the file across fabric and down the required length. If you have an image you would love to print as an all over design, but it does match on the edges, you can mirror the file to create a textile pattern.

Repeat Pattern Prints

Repeating patterns are any style of design that covers the width and length of a fabric in a repetitious style. They can be in any shape or scale; each style of repeating pattern has a slightly different aesthetic.

Placement Prints

A placement print is when one image is used for the final outcome. A placement print can be in the form of a long rectangular file destined to be the front panel of a dress; or it could be a square cushion panel, rectangular panel of a tea towel or a huge file over one metre for an art banner.

When printing a singular placement print using our Fabric Creator you would commonly select a centre arrangement. This will centre your file on the fabric at a length you specify.

If you have set up a placement print like a tea towel and wish to print many copies of the tea towel you would select to do this as a tile arrangement.