Designer Profile

A white woman with dark hair tied up in a bun stands in front of a white background with bright abstract shapes. She is wearing black and white sunglasses and a dress that is made using the same Whimsy Kaleidoscope design that is shown in the background.
Name: Whimsy Kaleidoscope
Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Design Style: Colourful, Bold, Abstract, Organic Shapes and Collage

I love colour and have an appreciation for handmade and locally designed products.

I have always loved creating, in particular collaging and after completing a Diploma in Surface Design I found a way to apply my love for creativity through pattern and design. Mostly I work digitally, but I love getting the scissors and glue out and cutting, pasting and creating collages, it’s very therapeutic. My designs focus on mixing bright bold colours, graphic shapes and different markings which I create both digitally and by hand.

My inspiration comes from my travels, the music I love, nostalgia and all things cute and quirky.

instagram: @whimsykaleidoscope