Designer Profile

Laura of MONBER and B is shown seated at a desk sketching on a drawing pad. There is a reference image of a leaf shown on her computer screen. Laura has dark blonde hair and is wearing a short sleeved black shirt and colourful teardrop shaped earrings.
Name: Monber and B
Location: Brisbane Australia
Design Style: Playful, delicate and feminine

Hello, I’m Laura the designer behind MONBER and B and I’m so happy to meet you!

My print designs are inspired by two parts of my life. One is the past, I have had the joy of travelling all over the world and I am still endlessly inspired by all the beautiful places I have seen. The second area of my life I’m inspired by is my world now, I live beside some beautiful mountains outside of Brisbane Queensland and here the wildlife is loud and vibrant, I can’t create fast enough!

My style of creating and coming up with ideas grows mostly in a very predictable order, I think after creating so many clothing ranges in my past life as a fashion designer I find creative freedom in the predictability of order. I love working with photoshop, pencil and paper and I like to play with the texture of paint and watercolour paper.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in the creative industry is seeing how others interpret my patterns and what new life they will take on.

instagram: @monber_and_b