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A 3/4 view portrait of a black haired woman with red lipstick wearing a black blouse with white flowers and dots standing in front of a sand coloured brick wall. She is holding black fabric with blue birds and green foliage desgined by Eugenia Tsimiklis.
Name: Eugenia Tsimiklis
Location: Melbourne
Design Style: Hand drawn and hand painted botanicals, Vintage Graphic Florals and Conversational

Eugenia Tsimiklis is a textile designer originally from Adelaide now based in Melbourne. In her daily life she lectures in design and creates apparel prints for retailers. “I love vintage kitsch high-low edits, maximalism, super cute over-the top-prints, in addition to a traditional botanical hand crafted aesthetic.”

Eugenia blends hand drawn illustrations across a mix media into a digital platform to create print ready files. Exploring nature and botanicals, Eugenias prints take inspiration from vintage layouts and plunges them into modern and wearable aesthetics.

instagram: @designedbyemikli

Custom Fabric 'Vintage Print Floral Black' by Eugenia Tsimiklis

Vintage Print Floral Black

Eugenia Tsimiklis

Custom Fabric 'Vintage Print Floral Pink' by Eugenia Tsimiklis

Vintage Print Floral Pink

Eugenia Tsimiklis