Designer Profile

A cropped 3/4 profile portrait of Brook Gossen, a white woman with long wavy brown hair wearing a grey marle v-neck tshirt.
Name: Brook Gossen
Location: Brisbane
Design Style: Feminine, hand drawn, whimsical, floral, eclectic colourful, botanical, pretty, abstract

Brook Gossen is a surface designer and illustrator from Brisbane, Australia. She is inspired by her beautiful family, travelling the globe, and the beauty that surrounds us everyday, whether it be a perfect flower, the hustle and bustle of a big city, or her cat stretching after a nice long nap.

Brook brings a hand drawn and feminine approach to her designs. Her work embraces colour and texture and is perfect for textile, packaging and digital projects. Here’s a selection of her favourite designs that are perfect for textiles and creating clothing, accessories and home products.
instagram: @brookgossen