Designer Profile

Name: Emilio Frank Design
Location: Sydney, Australia
Design Style: Modernist, Geometric, Vibrant, Bold

Shana Danon is an artist and designer, creating vibrant paintings and prints via her design studio Emilio Frank Design.

Inspired by the aesthetic of mid century and modernism, Shana’s work celebrates form, function and colour with the intention to evoke joyful memories of happy spaces.

Growing up in a family of artists nurtured Shana to become a maker and work across a variety of media. Lunar themes, nature, circles and arches are common details echoed throughout her work. The business is named in honour of her grandparents, Emil and Frank. Family folklore tells a story of Schnitzel the dachshund inspiring a range of surface designs for home wares. Shana’s grandmother Rachel was a professional seamstress, which inspired a passion for handmade items and textiles.