The best way to ensure you get the correct fabric for your project is to get yourself a swatch kit. Textile people are tactile people so you can feel the fabrics and let you imagination run wild with possibilities. Once you have selected a fabric you can print a 20cm test swatch of fabric with your artwork.

Swatch Kit

Our swatch kits are filled with samples of all fabrics available for printing. Each swatch shows printed and unprinted sections of the fabric.

They are the best starting place for selecting a fabric. You can feel all the fabrics, look at the texture and see the base colour of the textile.



You can print a 20cm swatch before ordering a larger length. Swatches can be ordered via our Fabric Creator.

Swatches allow you to;

  • Check your file scale.
  • See if you like your artwork on a particular fabric.
  • Review colour translation.
  • Confirm you are happy with a print before ordering more.